Backyard Weddings and Events: Your Questions Answered

As a wedding and events band, we often get questions about whether we can play at backyard events. The answer to that is YES! We have played at many backyard weddings, parties, and events, and have found that they can be absolutely spectacular.

Here are our answers to some of the common questions we get asked about backyard events. These answers also apply to any outdoor event.

  1. Yes we would love to play at your backyard event!

  2. The Two Cent Pros Band supply and set up all PA sound equipment for the event so you don’t have to worry about hiring any sound equipment. We even provide microphones for you to use for speeches etc.

  3. We do not require a built-up stage. All we really need is a space to play and access to at least two power sockets. We can also supply all lighting (including coloured lights and/or fairy lights to make the space look amazing).

  4. We are happy to play on grass as long as it is dry. Another great option is hiring a dance floor - great for the band and your guests!

  5. The band can play under cover or in open air, though we may require you to provide a marquee if there is any chance of rain.

  6. The Two Cent Professionals Full Band (10-12 members) usually needs around 4m x 5m space to set up.

  7. The Two Cent Professionals also offers a Small Band option (7-8 members) for smaller events.

  8. If you are worried about your neighbours’ reactions to the noise, just make sure you let them know ahead of time that you will be having a band play at your event. We have never found this to be a problem (in fact, we have had comments after backyard events from neighbours saying that they had a great time sitting outside listening to the music!)

  9. We are very flexible with timing and are happy to fit in with your schedule for the night. Leading up to the event, we will organise start and finish times with you according to how much music you would like. We can also play your choice of background music and/or dance music.

  10. In the case of a backyard or nearby wedding ceremony, we can also provide ceremony music, in-between background music, and/or a street-band-style band to accompany your guests from the ceremony venue to the reception.

See photos of what the band looks like when we’re all set up Here, browse our Packages and Prices Here, and Contact Us any time to inquire about your event.